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According to Baby Boomers, We’re the “Whiny Ones” — ooh shiny!

According to Baby Boomers, We’re the “Whiny Ones”

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Here’s what I’m pissed about today: The It-Sucks-To-Be-Me Generation.

Here’s why we “can’t stop whining about how the economy is screwing them.” YOU FUCKING ARE SCREWING US. Every generation that’s alive has got more out of society and money than we have. Social Security is no longer a safety net. It’s future existence is uncertain. Pensions don’t really exist anymore. Now it’s all “save your own damn money for retirement” from the older genrations. Why is it a freaking miracle now when we have health insurance, instead of part of the expected compensation package?

Baby boomers (I assume the author of the article is one as well) are a generation of fucking retarded hypocritical leeching pricks.

Boomers have had it very very easy. They have also done a lot of damage to the world with their greed, something GenY will have to deal with. GenY will cope, humans always do, but don’t tell us we have it easier or as easy as GenX and the Boomers had it. We will have to compete against China and India and deal with dwindling resources. Something GenX and the Boomers did not have to do.

Here’s their thought process:

Social Security? Oh, you’re not guaranteed shit, but don’t worry if you’re a baby boomer/one of us — yours is guaranteed, and we’ll go deep into fucking debt to make sure of that.
The War? Oh, don’t worry, you’re too young to understand the issues. We’ll just stick it on our debt.
Health Care? We can’t pay for yours, we have to pay for ours first, since we’re getting old and decrepit.

This has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with “graduating into a recession.” You know why? Excuse the all caps, but I really do want to scream this to the author: YOUR GENERATION IS DEFICIT SPENDING LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW TO SECURE YOUR OWN COMFORTABLE FUTURE. You people take and take and take, reform and reform and reform, and just stick it on the federal deficit with the expectation that it’ll get paid off. And who’s going to pay it off? Certainly not fucking YOU PEOPLE. You’ll be sitting back, collecting your social security checks (while we have to actually save for our retirement and plan for loved ones whose social benefits will be cut to pay for your social security), telling us to stop being a bunch of whiners. We’re not whiners. Remember that “money education” you said people should get? The thing you didn’t know about so wanted it required education and spewed words explaining how important it was and you are fucked because you didn’t get it? We got it. We actually understand what’s going on, realize it’s not sustainable, and want it to change. You know what’s fucking ridiculous? When a software engineer at Google can’t afford anything other than a cardboard box. Yeah, you can say “poor baby” because they got wedding presents, but that’s just not an argument of any sort. Who’s buying the wedding presents? Friends? Coworkers? Aunts? Uncles? Parents? Grandparents?

But you baby boomers, who had the cheapest housing in the history of ever (and rode the subsequent rise to afford bigger and better housing), get a big throbbing malice-boner thinking of someone who’s smarter and better off than you at the same age not being able to afford the same that you could. It gives you a sense that you still have power and are still useful and that we’re not going to be able to put you out to pasture so soon.

This is generational warfare. You want us to suffer. You had to go through some shit, and now you want us to have worse. Why? For one, you imagine it worse than it was. Second, you don’t want us to have it easy. You think that we have to “earn” stuff the same way that you earned it. But that has never been the case. People “earned” their way very differently in the 1800’s than they do today. When you were growing up, there was no internet. While that may indicate an “easier life” for you, it means that we’re expected to know, and to be able to use it. Along with every single skill you ever learned. That’s not easier, that’s harder. We’re required to do more, and yet that’s still not good enough. Cars are more expensive to purchase and maintain, with more expensive gas and more expensive maintinence. But that’s not your problem. That’s ours. You had the luxury of traveling long distances for jobs cheaper for money. But we are supposed to have it harder than you, and we do, and that’s still not enough.

Fuck you all. Seriously. Baby Boomers need to get over their selfish “best generation ever” complex. You are a bunch of assholes, and we hate you for very valid reasons. Not the least of which, you’re irreparably fucking up a country you’ve force-fed us to believe is the greatest on earth. Not for much longer, if you keep running the show. Just die already.


#1 Amanda on 01.12.06 at 2:50 pm

Whoa!!! Are you psycho or something? I can’t believe you actually wrote the following sentences:

“This is generational warfare. You want us to suffer. You had to go through some shit, and now you want us to have worse.”

My parents are baby boomers, as are my many aunts, uncles, and family friends. Your statements are so completely warped, twisted, and untrue that I can only wonder how your parents managed to raise such a negative, ungrateful person.

The reality is that most baby boomers love their children (us) more than life itself and want only the best for them. Is it so wrong that their whole lives they paid into a system that was supposed to take care of them in their old age, and now are upset when these obligations are not met?

My dad worked as a union mechanic for over a decade before changing careers, and now he’s being told that his pension is only worth half of what he was promised and only if he starts taking the payments now while he’s still working, instead of later when he no longer can. This is because fewer and fewer young mechanics are joining the union and paying dues. They prefer to work outside the union for more money. They are actually CHOOSING to save for their own retirement and not be in a union. My Dad is the one who pays the price, so that younger people can make more money.

Now tell me he’s selfish, greedy, and only cares about himself. I freaking dare you.

#2 Evil Monkey on 01.12.06 at 8:08 pm

Where’s my clue-by-four….

When I talk about a generation, I’m not talking about any specific person in it. Your dad probably is a good person.

But that’s not enough.

Your dad was lucky — he still has the option for a union. Most jobs aren’t unionized. People are taking the more-money-instead-of-pension option because they don’t trust the companies to be there when they retire. And most people don’t even have the option of pensions. They were deemed to expensive to the bottom line. That’s the legacy of the former generation.

And yes, it is wrong that they paid their whole lives into a system that’s supposed to take care of them, and being upset that it might not be there when they retire. Why? Their generation is in power. They are the ones who were in control of the money. Keep in mind, I’m not saying YOUR dad robbed social security. Rather, his generation did. Instead of money, instead of having some elf-control, the baby boomers spent money hand over fist, stuck a big IOU sign on what they took, and are now bemoaning the fact that there might not be money left for THEM. So yes, it’s wrong. Why should I, having paid into social security almost 10 years, have any less of a right to my money than they do to theirs? That’s greed. That’s selfish. That’s “me first, we’ll think about you later… maybe” in a nutshell.

When I’m saying “generational warfare,” I’m not suggesting taking up arms against your parents. I don’t mean that they don’t love their kids, or aren’t good people. I mean that their generation as a whole is steering this country in the wrong direction. And they seem to neither care, nor desire better. As long as their retirement and health care is guaranteed from the government, education, defense, and deficit reduction can take a back seat and wait for the next generation. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s “us” vs. “them” in the generational sense.

If you want to point out specific people? Ok. Your dad is good. The author of the book thinks ALL OF US are whiny, entitled pricks who don’t work for anything and want more. You too. Are you? Are you going to sit around and let them say that about you with no defense? You can’t just say, “well I’m not like that” because they’re going to pull the same “i’m talking about your generation in general” just like I did. You have to help prove that our generation isn’t that. Thus, that puts us and them at odds, at war.


#3 Busta on 01.14.06 at 1:39 pm

You sound like a crazy angry spoiled Yale bitch. I wish I had a galley kitchen in my closet I call an apartment. I wish I could have gotten married on some cool island instead of justice of the peace and a party at the community center. What the heck do you know about what young people are going through. Your just some elite and privileged high brow bitch who always gets your way. Did it ever occur to you the unfairness between generations is the same unfairness between race which is how your privileged ass got to yale, a cushy writing job, and now a book deal to write about people like me who are actually living this stuff for real?

If you want to help out the Generation Debt, start with me. Ask your husband to get me a job at Google so I make enough money so my wife can sit on her ass and write about our neighbors.

Bust Dis,


#4 Evil Monkey on 01.16.06 at 5:00 pm

Who is this “you” you’re talking to? Me?

I didn’t go to Yale. Not even close. I’ve only visited the East Coast.

So I’m not sure who you’re talking to.. maybe the author of the original article? Or the author of the book talked about in the article?

#5 earl on 01.16.06 at 9:12 pm

I COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE! AND I’M A GEN_XER. Seriously, I am so glad to read that many people in GEn-Y understand the TRUTH, about the boomers. It gives me hope that, together, we can just ignore them real hard and let them become irrelevant, slowly fading away (I know it takes too goddam long already.

They said that Gen-X was apathetic and slackers, back in the day. Because we were young, and we had no jobs WHATSOEVER available. There was only the early beginning of the Internet, most of my friends ALL went to work in software/internet/IT startups and related jobs. Even if they had studied accounting or french litt. BECAUSE THERE WERE NO JOBS. and it was fun. We rode that thing to it’s inevitable end, bu it was the boomers that screwed it up, trying to make money off of it, off of us. We worked, they were the goddam CEOs.

I can’t wait to come to work one day, maybe around 2011, and notice that there is a noticeable change, a few less boomers blowing out hot air and wrecking everything. I am SO TIRED of working for/with them. They’re everywhere, you can’t escape. and they are all gigantic assholes especially in work environments.

#6 Rob on 01.25.06 at 12:59 pm

Speaking of privileged…
Being a college student who has probably seen more diverse teachers and styles, I always hear from them about how our generation has it so easy….for exampe, I hear from the accounting teachers how the CPA examination is so much easier now because you can take it section-by-section instead of sitting in a classroom for 8 hours a day for 2 and 1/2 days.
Cry me a fucking river…
The only reason they had to change the format of the CPA exam was to accomodate the busy lifestyle of the Gen X and Y. Sorry, Baby Boomers, but when you were in college (which, fine, i get–not all of you had the opportunity to go to, but ill get to that) things were a lot different. Many boomers say that they couldn’t go to college because they’re parents weren’t paying for it or they had to work or whatever…I remember 1 teacher in particular who went to college in the early 1970’s–He said that by just working 3 days a week part time (so were talking maybe 15 hours a week), he could afford a 1-bedroom apartment, pay for school (yes, I said PAY, not get it paid for by rich parents), and still have enough money to go out drinking a couple nights a week. Tell me that any boomer couldn’t have gone out and done the same thing…
Contrast that to todays standards (I’m not going to get into the quality or difficulty of education differences between the generations)–
I work 30 hours a week, go to school full time, and STILL have to take out student loans in order to afford an apartment–oh yeah, it also takes MY GIRLFRIEND living there and paying 1/2 of the bills to afford it.
And baby-boomers like to say that the Internet makes our lives so much simpler, especially for those students in college-
With the internet comes a great amount of information–more than one could ever imagine. However, these “teachers” like to point out that since we have such access, then we should be able to handle more assignments, research projects, and the like
If anything, we have to filter through an exorbitant amount of horse fucking (literally…) to get at what we need and is actually factual.
So lets sum this up, just from my perspective
1) Baby boomers like to complain
2) They complain about how easy we have it compared to their standards
3) They worked 15 hours per week, I work 30
4) They didnt have the internet, we do–more work for us
which all adds up to……
We have less time to do more work, if we can even afford to go to college–which, being a white male with no disabilities or odd sexual tendencies–means that I have to pile up student loans so high that I’ll be lucky to have a house by the age of 35.
Baby boomers had it so hard!

#7 Bob on 02.15.06 at 6:11 pm

I’m a Generation X guy, and for the last 10 years I’ve worked very hard for babyboomers. I am the youngest person in the company and everyone is a babyboomer. What have they done? Well let’s see, I use to have a corner office and they gave it to a new salesman baby boomer. That makes me feel like I’m nothing. I was told when I was hired that I would recieve profit sharing. They never shared any with me. But they sure as hell are sharing it amongst themselves.
I know that the babyboomers in my company are hogging the good positions, hogging the profits, and hogging my fucking corner office. And I get stuck doing every fucking job they don’t want. “Hey Bob, go set the new store in Michigan.” Ok, can I fly in the company plane? Fuck no, I drive 11 hours, because the baby boomers are hogging the plane too. It’s taking forever to climb the corporate ladder with these ass holes around. And I’ve never seen so many wife cheaters in my life. Just at this one company, all babyboomers. Dumb asses.
Apparently they just out numbered us to the point we have no choice but to “ignore them real hard.”

I’ve watched this company change for the worse over the last 10 years. It was a manufacturing company, now it’s an import company. The babyboomers, interested only in profit margin, have shit on the factory. They would rather import everything. The buyers, our customers, are babyboomers too and they just love all this imported shit. It doesn’t seem right to me. I mean I think manufacturing is cool, something to be proud of. The boomers could care less, they lack charm, morality, character, and a genuine interest in the classic charm the United States was before they changed it to the plastic dog shit capitol of the world.

I’m so glad others feel the same way about baby boomers as me. I’ve been investing money in machinery to start my own company for 5 years now and I’m close to my escape from this prison I’ve been in. Hippies suck!

#8 Raster on 02.19.06 at 5:38 am

The solution is very simple: confiscate the wealth of the Baby Boomers today and redistribute it to everyone who is not a Baby Boomer. Why wait until they live another 20 or 30 years sitting on their stolen assets while whining to younger people that we should continue to fund their lifestyles? There is no doubt since their generation has been willing to ship jobs overseas that they have instructed their lawyers to send they money in their estate to be bequeathed to some cult monastary somewhere outside the US once they finally kick. Additionally, cut off ALL their retirement “entitlements” and let them live their Golden Years in the nightmare scenario of poverty and uncertainty they have set up for the rest of us.

#9 J- on 03.19.06 at 2:42 pm

We’re screwed. Baby Boomers will be sucking our wallets (Gen X) and Gen Y’s dry for decades after they’re dead.

What happened to the peace, free love generation? They sent our asses to war, twice, to fill thier SUV’s.

I’d like to personally take a minute to vent on the dot com thing. I’ve read numerous articles saying that the Gen X slackers couldn’t make the ‘new economy’ work, and that we’re lazy and pampered. Here’s what they don’t tell you:

Every dot com I worked at, and many of the ones in my area I knew people at, crashed. Fine. But everyone of those companies had Boomer VC companies that demanded that the businesses be run by a ’seasoned executive’ or ‘experienced operational manager’, and we had a nick name for them: grey hairs.

That’s right. Grey hairs. Baby Boomer fucks who couldn’t use email were stuffed into positions running technology companies by thier baby boomer VC friends. They also demanded 2 year turn arounds when other non-tech companies were given 5. Guess what? When these companies didn’t immediately turn a profit in huge numbers, the companies were liquidated, and the VC’s and appointed Sr. Exec’s got payouts and bonuses, and we got pink slips.

Boomers went to college for next to nothing. Got grants instead of loans. Boomers spent the 60’s smoking grass and getting laid while protesting a war, and then spent the 70’s dancing disco and snorting blow and getting laid.

Fast forward 20 years and you find the baby boomers starting wars, running up huge deficits, slashing benefits they took for granted and braying about ‘family values’ every chance they get.

The ‘Greatest Generation’ truly spawned the worst.

PS, Amanda’s dad is a greedy idiot. $5 he voted for Reagan. Reagan set about emasculating unions in this country at the behest of his big corporate donors, and he probably thought he was getting a good deal with ‘lower taxes’. Prick.

#10 Steve on 04.18.06 at 2:37 am

The baby boomers are the biggest bunch of greedy fucks I have ever encountered. Now that I have my own family, what’s wrong with expecting my wife to stay at home with my kids like the boomers did? Now housing is so expensive that I have to sell my own body parts to raise just the deposit. All for the sake of productivity, we must now be double income families to survive. Just to buy a house that’s affordable, I had to go to a small country town an hours drive from work.

They complain about the state of the world and expect us to work harder to fix it. I’m already working hard enough you assholes. On top of my working day, I come home and study till midnight getting those ‘marketable skills’. And now fuel prices are starting go up into orbit eroding the shitty payrises I get. Yeh, we’re earning more now. But where is it all going? I hope to God you assholes choke on your over-indulgence. I’m starting to feel like a fucking slave.

#11 Radek on 06.15.06 at 3:37 pm

Every social security (or retirement) system in the world is going worse as the society is getting old. I am said that my pension is going to amount about 30% of my average income. That’s pretty shitty in my opinion. Beware that you really feed your parent’s generation now… Conclusions are obvious Let’s make love. There must be a number of young people to work for us…

#12 Yo on 06.22.06 at 9:16 pm

I testify!

Greedy bastards gorged themselves fat in the 80’s-present and they’re going to stick us with the tab and the cleanup. The least they could do is try to pay off some government debt with an inheritance tax.

#13 Robert on 07.09.06 at 10:07 am

Fuck those shit eating boomers. They and their greed have made my life a living hell. I despise them and all of their ways. I look for anyway I can to not support them by any means. The good news is that they are dying and so is their influence. Worry not Gen X and Gen Yers, we will have ours. Give no more of yourselves, time or money to the boomers. I FUCKING HATE, WITH THE HATE OF HELL, THESE UNDERWORKED OVERPAYED, CONCEITED, LAZY, CHEATING, DESPICABLE, WRINKLED ASSED BOOMER FUCKS!

#14 James Love on 07.11.06 at 9:46 pm

Check out One day they will all be gone!!!!

#15 rochskier on 03.27.07 at 4:07 pm

Great column except that you overlook the fact that GenX is basically stuck in the same boat.

#16 Kish on 06.15.07 at 11:37 am

I’m an X’r.

The Boomers will go down as the most hated generation in history.

They had the very best of any nation on earth, and look what they have done. They have not only f*cked up our country, but many others.

Now they’re worried about themselves. F*ck Them.

I grew up respecting them and wanting thier approval, now as a 40 yr. old Man I see what petty pitifull and selfish things they have really been.

They didn’t care for thier children, they haven’t cared for thier parents. As a matter of fact they threw them to the corporate wolves. It has always been about them.

They can accept no responsibility for anything, except thier bank account. They are still the same snot-nosed kids our beloved Grandparents were trying to knock some sense into. It never worked.

They grew, but never grew up.

And lastly, they are the most whinny-b*tches you have ever met. If your a combat Gulf-Vet, go down to your local V.F.W. and listen to thier drunken-drug-riddled cake-holes. It will make you sick.

You haven’t hear us whine since 91′, and now our kids are suffering thier irresponsible decisions, without complaining.

It’s not our fault they didn’t get the “jet-packs” they were promised.

They have single handedly F*cked up the greatest nation on EARTH.


#17 Anton on 08.13.07 at 6:01 pm

The saddest thing is, they still cling to their complete denial of the reality of mortality, convinced that they are that some medical advance or other will ensure their continued consumption of money and resources (”give it to me - IT’S MINE!” as George Carlin puts it.)

I’m not one to have qualms about medical advancement, but I do admit I’m more than apprehensive of a world where older generations weigh down on the youth indefinitely, hanging on to their privileged way of life, blocking the possibility of their replacement.

#18 prometheus on 08.15.07 at 2:02 am

are there any places in the world where boomers are in the minority

#19 Ima Bumer on 06.30.08 at 4:30 pm

My Gawd! What pusillanimous whinery from the GREATEST SLACKERS of all time, GENERATION X!

Go out and get another Prince Albert, tramp stamp tattoo, or stick a safety pin through your eyeball!

#20 Minerva on 08.03.08 at 2:29 pm

I am not sure what years encompass Gen-X or whatever but my nephew and his wife are in their early 40’s. When they married in their 30’s they had great jobs. They bought fixer-upper houses and cars. They practices living on only one salary for about 5-6 years and then had two children two years apart.
My nephew’s spouse has been a stay-at-home-mom and they do okay financially. They had to make sacrifices. My nephew earns an average salary but they had saved quite a bit so they are doing well.
They have a lovely home on which they have worked very hard and two great kids. The youngest will begin school this fall and my niece will be going back to work while the kids are in school.
It can be done on one income. It took careful planning but if they can do it anyone can. I think maybe some young people today think they need more than they really do.

#21 jc on 08.17.08 at 8:26 pm

A generation facing their grey years and not dealing with it well. A nation of greedy old snots in denial of their age driving fancy cars and trying to sell us their second homes for 3x it’s actual worth… and failing. A mid life crisis everywhere you look.

Insulting our fashion doesn’t change that your style has been out for 40 years.

“60″ is not the new “30″ — especially with cancer and obesity on the rise. You can botox and buy “jimmy choos” all you want, but you will never be young again. It’s over. Give up and act your age.

See, money is the only power boomers have left (they sure as hell don’t have health and looks) and they will hoard and clutch on until their dying moment. Our only hope for a better day is in their passing.

Dinosaurs will die.

#22 greg on 09.14.08 at 3:53 pm

ima bumer the truth hurts doesnt it you uneducated greedy piece of shit.

#23 greg on 09.14.08 at 4:28 pm

Know wonder gen x and y are pissed off we have missed out on so many opportunities the babyboomers have received its not funny.Boomers called us slackers and apathetic.No wonder we were like that we got ripped off.The boomers treat young people like shit and the boomers only think of themselves.They are just greedy,self centred and heartless people. In australia for example they got everything ie in the early 70’s they got free uni education were as now your paying over 30,000 for a uni degree (ie it cost my uncle $200 for books just to become a lawyer and gain a economics degree in 1978,were as now your probably paying 60,000),cheap housing they only paid around 80 - 100 were as now were paying 500k for the average house,they never had to pay huge petrol fees ie now its up 2 1.70 a liter back in there day it was 60 cents a liter or even cheaper and they never had to pay huge ammount of money for food.They had it so easy the average family in australia is struggling thanks to them.As they jacked up the house prices just to top up there super.As in australia for the past 10 years we have seen a huge increase in house prices.It amazes how the average family gets by now since everything is so expensive and its not like were even living in a depression.As according to the government our economy is going great.
From experience i have come across some extremely stupid,impractical babyboomers who got everything and still manage to fuck up.Ie my uncle got free uni to study law and economics dropped out just 18 months before his course ended,then worked menial jobs in the insurance industry and blugged of unemployment benefits for about 7 years,then went to tafe and since he was a mature aged student aged (44) he was able to get benefits to live off something gen x and y couldnt get.While he was able to sponge of the government and work menial jobs.He was still able to buy 1 house which trippled in value,then buy another house which doubled in value which he has paid off and was also able to go overseas twice for up to 6 months at a time.Yet my nan still does his laundry and buys him christmas and birthday presents even though he is 48.To me he is by far the biggest loser i have ever met.
Another example my mums aunty who is also a babyboomer and never worked just sponged of her first husband until his business went broke so she divorced him.Then married again which her husband inherited hundreds of 100’s.So they bought a business they knew nothing about and guess what they went broke.Due to the fact of there incompantance.But even after they went broke they still managed to buy a house and sponge of the government for the pension.
I gurantee you in years to come these boomer pieces of shit are going to whinging about there pension.Also in australia there under quarter the population but they have 50 percent of the wealth in australia.Even when these bastards get older.We must never forget how harsh they treated the young generations.We need to start doing things to ruin the babyboomers lives and start taking responsibility for there actions.We need to start taking the wealth from the boomers and giving it back to gen x and y.

#24 Angela on 10.20.08 at 9:49 am

Gen X & Y have witnessed the poorest example of humanity ever known; Boomers are a blight and a drain. The fact is that as a generation the Boomers neglected their children and their parents to a shameful degree. I am so tired of working around these useless, lazy, tech deficient and immoral crooks I could scream. We will be lucky if we find ourselves still alive to repair their damage (and it is mighty); which one will push the big red button before they go? However, it is rather funny to watch them squirm in their approaching old age and obesity; what a sad joke they have been. Gen X and Y, don’t blindly trust their pathetic lack of health as anything normal; remember the Boomers are also the generation of denatured processed “Franken-Food” and petro chemical pill “cures”…all of it in the name of profit. Do some reading by the various Raw Food groups and take your (and your childrens) health future out of their hands (3 months of practicing raw food will prove to you all that you need to know). The entire Planet will breathe an audible sigh in blessed relief when cleansed of this Boomer disease.

#25 munson, roy e on 11.08.08 at 7:55 pm

Fuck boomers!!!Finally, we have a leader of the new generation that will effectively lead and desimate the the boomer genre. You’ve had your turn and totally & completely fucked the country up!

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